Dr. Caleb Antonio Rascón Estebané

Supervised Theses

In inverse chronological order:

  • Master - Sound Source Localization for Service Robots with a Triangular Microphone Array. Luis M. Gato Díaz, 2020-11-11.
  • Bachelor - Complement to Acoustic Interactions for Robot Audition Evaluation Corpus with Mobile Sources. Aldo Jesús Millán González, 2019-08-26.
  • Master - Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with Music Imagery. Jose Francisco Neri Gonzalez, 2018-12-11.
  • Master - Speaker Verification for a Service Robot with Deep Learning. Ivette Juliana Velez Tobon, 2018-10-02.
  • Bachelor - Viability of Generalized Sidelobe Canceller in Hearing Aids. Dulce María Apolonio Apolonio, 2017-08-23.

In course:

  • Bachelor - Drone Localization via Audio from another Drone.
  • Master - Identification and Elimination of Reverberation in a Controlled Environment.
  • Master - Embedding Parametrization for Synthetic Speaker Selection based on Gender for a Multi-Speaker Voice Synthetizer.
  • Master - (co-tutor: Dr. Wendy Aguilar) A Methodology to Evaluate the Novelty of Computer-Generated Musical Compositions in Human-Computer Co-creative Environments.
  • PhD - (co-tutor: Dr. Edgar Garduño) Design and Development of a Computer-Assisted System for Early Quantitative Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease with a Basis on Non-motor Biomarkers.
  • PhD - Design and Implementation of an Adquisition and Measurement System of Acoustic Waves based on a Fibre Optic Sensor of Multimodal Interference.
  • PhD - (co-tutor: Dr. Hugo Solís) Creative Audio Process Augmentation through the Generation of a Interactive System based on Learning and Automatic Hearing.
  • PhD - Acoustic mapping of an environment using an ad-hoc distributed sensor network.